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Most of the time, if you want to cook something fantastic in your kitchen – both in taste and smell – you’ll use the almighty onion. Of course, you may use some olive oil and garlic on the side, but the inion would be the main ingredient, so to say.

However, you’ll also spend around 5 to 10 minutes crying every time you cut/chop an onion. On top of that, if you want small onion diced or julienne strips for salads, then you will almost drown on tears until you finish cutting the onion.

Some may not feel anything at all, while others have to go through a bunch of napkins before the onion effect passes. But there’s an easier way for people to handle the power of the onion in your kitchen! Naturally, we refer to onion choppers that isolate the onion and keep us tear-free!

If you want to be all smiles while in the kitchen, here’s exactly how to buy the best vegetable chopper!

Best Onion Choppers

1. Vegetable Chopper, Adoric Food Slicer Dicer, 3 Interchangeable Blades Set with Food Container & Cleaning Brush

The first entry on our list is a simple yet very convenient manual onion and vegetable chopper. But it’s fit for more than just one vegetable, so don’t be shy! It also comes with a cleaning brush, but more on that later.

It is advertised as a 3-in-1 vegetable chopper that is equipped with 3 interchangeable slicers of various sizes. Small onion dices are easy to cut with this kitchen gadget! When it comes to materials, the mini food processor is made of food-grade ABS and PP plastic that is also LFGB-certified and BPA free. Naturally, the blades are made of steel, for increased durability and rust resistance.

The design of this vegetable chopper is more than just appealing for just about any kitchen. Upon chopping, the food will fall directly into a container from where it can be poured wherever you want. There’s also a hand protector that also does a good job at keeping the tear-causing elements of onions at bay! when it comes to washing, there is a cleaning brush that makes it easy to clean.

  • 3-in-1 vegetable cutter with 3 interchangeable blades.
  • Food-grade materials – ABS and PP plastic.
  • Stainless-steel, rust-resistant blades.
  • Friendly design – handy container and hand protector.
  • Very easy to clean under a water jet.
  • Might not efficiently cut harder vegetables (potatoes, carrots).
  • Size could be bigger.

2. Ninja Professional Chopper, Stackable, 200W, Black

The second entry on our list is an electric onion and vegetable chopper, for those that don’t want to meddle with manual ones and want to keep the onion as far away from them as possible when they are in their kitchen.

This vegetable chopper comes with the very easy and well-known pulse action feature. The feature is ideal for chopping, mincing, as well as for puree. The slicers within the vegetable slicer, referred to as the Ninja blades, are reportedly featuring a unique design that ensures perfect chopping consistency.

When it comes to additional features, the chopper comes with 2 containers that can be stacked. These have lids as well, for easy and convenient storage.

  • Simple pulse action.
  • Can chop, mince, and make puree.
  • Uniquely-designed Ninja blades for consistency.
  • 2 containers with lids.
  • Fully electric, 200W chopper.
  • Grooves on the inside of the pots make it difficult to remove everything from inside.

3. Sedhoom Manual Food Chopper 5 Blades 1000 ml

Next, we have another manual vegetable chopper equipped with a total of 5 blades ready to dice your onion to the tiniest bit in your kitchen! The container has a capacity of 1000 ml, making it ideal for portable use as well.

Naturally, the materials this vegetable chopper is made of are food-grade, including BPA-free plastic. The lid of the unit comes with a safe-lock mechanism that prevents all dangerous situations.

The main mechanism that makes the blades spin and chops your vegetables is a pull-activated ring located on top of the lid. Just press our hand over the lid and pull the ring. Every part of the vegetable slicer is extremely easy to clean, by hand washing or in the dishwasher.

You only need a couple of pulls to slice, dice and chop an onion according to your wishes!

  • Five sharp blades across the inner column.
  • 1000ml capacity.
  • Food-grade materials and BPA-free plastic build.
  • Safe-lock lid.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Ring pull-system is prone to malfunctions.

4. Brieftons Express Food Chopper: 1.6-Liter, Quick, Easy, Powerful Manual Hand Held Chopper

Here’s yet another manual vegetable chopper for your kitchen on our list. Truth be told, quite a lot of people prefer manual vegetable choppers, especially because they consume 0 energy, and they are also effective in terms of chopping vegetables.

With this vegetable chopper, the blades and the bowl are dishwasher safe, while the rest of the components can be easily detached and cleaned separately. The bowl of the chopper has a 1.6-litre capacity and features a steel blade.

In terms of extra features, you can enjoy a mixer attachment, the anti-skid bow, and extremely convenient pump handle that can collapse for ease of storage. Every element is made of food-safe, BPA-free materials.

For increased safety, the slicers are not visible when not being used.

  • Dishwasher safe product with detachable elements.
  • Stainless-steel, rust-resistant blade.
  • 1.6-litre bowl capacity.
  • Pump handle system for ease of use.
  • Food-grade, BPA-free materials.
  • Hidden blades when not in use, for increased safety.
  • Despite the large bowl capacity, you still have to chop the onion before or it will get stuck in the blades.

5. Manual Pull Food Chopper, Hand Pull String Onion Chopper Dicer for Kitchen

The next entry on our list is a modern-looking manual onion and vegetable chopper. It has a capacity of only 500ml, so keep this in mind before buying if you want food choppers that can handle large veggie quantities.

It features 3 sharp blades that are activated via a string-pull system. The ring controlling the string is located on top of the lid.

The entire vegetable chopper is made from food-grade, BPA-free materials, for the safety or your family. Naturally, the device is extremely easy to install and set up within your kitchen.

  • 3 sharp blades.
  • String-activated system.
  • Blades are isolated during operation.
  • Food-grade, BPA-free materials.
  • Multi-function onion chopper.
  • Could be a bit bigger.

6. Feliciay 2 Pack Stainless Steel Chopped Green Onion Knife

Now, this is an interesting device for your kitchen and different from the other onion cutters, mainly because you’ll still have to interact with the onion while using it. Nevertheless, it should make onion chopping much faster and tear-free.

The veg chopper is a thicker fork that features 6 sharp cutting blades at the end of it. These blades make the vegetable slicer usable as a knife, slicing multiple parts off of the same veggie at the same time.

The knives are made of high-quality steel, for increased durability and safety. The handle is made of metal as well, featuring a smooth, non-slip surface for an easy grip. Overall, you have two interesting fork-shaped knives ideal for slicing various vegetables easily and without effort.

  • Unique design.
  • 6 sharp blades for cutting veggies into sections.
  • Food-grade Stainless-steel build.
  • Highly versatile – can cut decorative pastry, veggies, potatoes, and hard candy.
  • Smooth, non-slip handle.
  • Can be dangerous to use (especially for youngsters).

7. Mini Chopper 600W LINKChef Mini Food Processor 4 bi-Level Blades

Next on our list is a rather fancy-looking unit that will look great in your kitchen, with a silver finish to its almost entirely Steel build. Naturally, it is an electric professional onion and vegetable chopper!

The vegetable chopper is equipped with a 600w motor that allows for easy chopping, mixing, blending, mincing, and pureeing. There’s no ingredient that it can’t chop. But the motor doesn’t do these alone! To its aid come 4 cutting blades made of 304 Steel – this translated to increased durability and performance.

Moreover, the speed of this vegetable chopper can be set via one button only. There are two speeds available, depending on how hard you press the button.

The bowl itself is made of steel that is also scratch-, corrosion-, and tarnish-free. The bottom of the bowl features an anti-slip rubber mat as well.

  • 600w powerful motor – the best electric onion chopper in terms of power.
  • Sharp and durable Stainless-Steel blades.
  • 2 speeds with a single button.
  • Stainless-Steel bowl with anti-slip bottom.
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl.
  • 36-month warranty.
  • The 2-speed function seems to be missing.

8. Mini Electric Garlic Mincer Onion Chopper

If you want extremely small dice of onion, garlic, pepper, or even meat, then this mini onion and vegetable chopper may find a home in your kitchen. It is a mini electric mincer that comes with a clean look and seemingly with enough power to mince all the vegetables you need.

It’s size and weight (only 200 grams) also make it a highly portable food processor– it’s the best vegetable chopper that you can take camping with you.

The blades are extremely sharp, as they are made of Stainless-steel. When it comes to the bowl, it is made of BPA-free materials that keep the food free of toxic elements/compounds.

Both the bowl and the blades of the mincer can be washed in the dishwasher or simply put under a stream of water.

It is worth mentioning that this electric miner is powered by a rechargeable battery. It takes up to 4 hours for the battery to completely recharge.

  • Electric, portable onion mincer.
  • Sharp, Stainless-steel blades.
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and blades.
  • Multipurpose mincer.
  • BPA-free materials.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Battery may drain fairly quickly, depending on use frequency.

9. OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper with Easy-Pour Opening

Towards the end of our list, we have a simple and easy to use manual device that may be one of the best vegetable chopper products available for the average kitchen. It features a lid that covers the blades and is also used to press the vegetables that you wish to dice.

The lid and the vegetable chopper part can be detached, leaving the bowl alone and ready to pour. The blade grid is also entirely removable, making for an easy to clean onion cutter.

Overall, the device comes with a design that makes it easier to chop onions without too much effort. The lid is designed to assist when pressing the onion.

The product’s design is clean and modern, with a see-through bowl.

  • Easy to use, manual chopper.
  • Easy-pour opening.
  • See-through bowl.
  • Removable blade grid.
  • Safe to use silicone grip (the lid acts as a handguard).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Not ideal for small-diced onion.

10. Geedel Food Chopper, Easy to Clean Manual Hand Chopper Dicer

Last but not least, we have a classic device with a classic system that many may consider the best vegetable chopper. You may have seen this food chopper from Geedel in a kitchen or two so far. It is a highly sought after manual onion and vegetable chopper!

The device features 430 Stainless-Steel blades that ensure faster and efficient vegetable chopping. Thanks to its versatile design, the top part of the chopper can also be used directly on a cutting board.

All of the product’s parts are dishwasher safe, including the top. Moreover, it can be easily disassembled for fast, under a water stream, cleaning!

The product is powered with the help of pressure, via the large button sitting on top of it. Reportedly, 15 seconds worth of pressing is enough to slice and dice your vegetables according to your needs!

  • Versatile build with detachable top part.
  • Stainless-Steel blades for increased durability and efficiency.
  • Easy disassembling and cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Can cut a wide range of vegetables.
  • Easy to use, manual system.
  • Onion still had to be cut before chopping. A bit disappointing for some buyers, given the product’s size.

Best Onion Chopper – Buying Guide

As you can see, onion and vegetable choppers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to say the least. There are onion cutters that are knives with multiple blades as well. This is what makes it so difficult to find the best onion chopper.

Therefore, in case you didn’t find the right appliance for your kitchen in the top above, we’ve also prepared a buying guide for you! In the following lines, we’ll see what you need to keep an eye on when browsing for onion and vegetable choppers!

Things You Should Consider When Buying an Onion and Vegetables Chopper

Vegetable Chopper Safety Features

Given that most vegetable choppers come with razor-sharp blades, safety is of utmost importance. For example, almost everyone can use a manual chopper and, because of this, it should be safe to use for the entire family.

As such, look for products that keep the blades hidden while in use and also have sturdy bowls equipped. In most cases, a lid that can be securely locked into place is more than enough, in both electric and manual vegetable choppers.

Overall, a sturdy and resilient build is required for increased safety.

Blade Features

Naturally, blades should almost always be made out of Stainless-Steel. Anything else is likely to come with less durability and may also rust.

In terms of features, many products come with interchangeable blades that allow for various chop designs and such. If this is something you want, then you should look for such a feature.

On the other hand, keep in mind that interchangeable blades come with the risk of cutting yourself in the process. As such, you should see how easy it is to change the blades as well.

Bowl Capacity

Bowl capacity wouldn’t be a problem but it is known that the vegetables can easily stick on the sides of smaller bowls. This makes you stop the chopping process, unstuck the veggies, and then start chopping again.

Large bowls, on the other hand, provide the veggie slices with more space and more room to move until they hit the sides of the bowl.

On top of that, you must also consider what you’ll be using the chopper for. A product used strictly for onion/garlic chopping shouldn’t have a large bowl. Even a 200-gram bowl can be enough for a single onion and some garlic cloves.


The design must also be considered. Electric vegetable choppers are known to be rather large, as well as noisy. On the other hand, manual vegetable choppers come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be as tall as electric vegetable choppers, or as small as a coffee cup, depending on the product. Manual vegetable choppers don’t make that much noise either. In this case, it all boils down to personal preference.

Electric models are often bulky, as they include more than a simple onions and vegetables chopper. Manual, simple onion and vegetable choppers are usually almost invisible. Electric products are usually the ideal metal onion chopper while manual ones are mostly made of plastic.

Ease of Cleaning

This type of product must be fairly easy to clean – or else you might as well rely on the good old cutting board. While the latter may require some scraping while under a water stream, an onion and vegetable chopper shouldn’t!

On top of that, manual vegetable choppers should also be safe to wash in a dishwasher. Even electric vegetable choppers should have most of their parts dishwasher-safe.

Finally, the blades should be fairly easy to remove so that you can clean them thoroughly and avoid having food bits stuck in between.

Product Versatility

If you want more than just an onion chopper, you should look for a more versatile appliance. If you want to chop potatoes, carrots, or make salads or mixed with your chopper, then you shouldn’t look only for a versatile product but also a powerful one.

Mixes that contain a lot of vegetables of various consistency/hardness require powerful motors and sharp blades. On top of that, only one row of blades might not be enough either.

A highly versatile chopper is often an electric model, with around 4 blades, different chopping styles, and a powerful motor.

Chopping System

Last but not least, you have to consider the chopping system as well. You can choose between a chopper that makes you push, one that makes you pull, or one that has you press a button. Some models work via sliding.

Here, it depends on what you prefer. Push systems usually don’t malfunction that often and can be easily fixed/repaired. Pull systems, on the other hand, may present issues with the string system and you may see the blades getting stuck many times.

Electric systems are, naturally, the most reliable ones – unless you have a dodgy electrical power supply in your neighbourhood!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Stainless-Steel chopper elements safe in a dishwasher?

Yes. Stainless-steel blades and elements are often treated with additional substances/compounds to keep corrosion and rust at bay. On top of that, the material is called stainless for a reason. Likely, you’ll never see a stain on it – ever!

Q: Should I choose an electric or manual onion chopper?

This boils down to personal preference but, if you want fast and small onion dices, then an electric chopper would be the best. However, if you want to save energy and don’t mind putting in some manual labour, manual vegetable choppers can be as good as electric ones.

Moreover, manual choppers don’t go through as much wear and tear as electric ones since you can easily stop and check whether you need your onions chopped more or not.

Q: Are there onion and vegetable choppers that can cut whole onions?

Personal experience tells us that no food chopper can cut/dice/mince whole vegetables, not even onions. While this should be possible in theory, the blades are often not strong enough to cut through the entire veggie. As such, it gets stuck on the blade and remains un-chopped.

On top of that, if you want small dices of onion, you’ll always want to chop it beforehand to allow even smaller chopping done via an electric or manual chopper.

Final Thoughts

It’s quite difficult to find the best vegetable chopper that will chop vegetables like onions the way you want!

This is why you see so many different products on the market – knives with multiple blades, string-activated vegetable choppers, push-activated vegetable choppers, manual and electric ones, and so on.

A versatile and multi-functional food chopper will solve your issues easily, but it is also easier to find. A dedicated onion cutter, on the other hand, is harder to find and might not come with sharp blades or a sturdy build.

Luckily for you, our reviews of the 10 best and buying guide above will certainly help you buy the best onion chopper!

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