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A padlock is a good thing to have as it can help you secure a lot of doors – the garage door, the garden door, the one on the shed in the back of the garden, and even things like motorcycles and bikes. But if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, a simple padlock might not be enough.

For example, if your garage is protected by a simple padlock and you hear some noise one night, without knowing its cause, you may start to wonder if someone broke into your garage. Eventually, you’ll either have a hard time falling asleep or go assess the situation.

Such situations can be avoided with the help of a padlock with built-in alarm. If your padlock gets broken or damaged, an alarm will let you know that it is your garage indeed that is getting robbed! To make your life easier and help you choose such a product faster, here’s our comprehensive top list and buying guide regarding the best alarm padlock that you can buy!

Best Alarm Padlocks

1. Rolson 66857 Alarm Padlock

The first entry on our list is Amazon’s Choice when it comes to looking for an alarmed padlock. As such, if you wanted an easy and quick find, this Rolson alarm padlock is the product that may soon be found protecting your garage door or your precious motorcycle.

Since it’s an alarm padlock, let’s take a look at that first! The alarm can go as high as 100dB and will make noise for ten seconds if it’s activated. If nothing else triggers it in the next 35 seconds, it will reset and wait for a potential trigger again.

How does the alarm function? Well, then the padlock is closed, the deep grove that can be found inside the shackle’s edge fits with another grove within the padlock. When that fit occurs, the alarm is automatically active. The manufacturer includes 3 keys and six button-cell batteries that fit the padlock.

  • 100dB tone siren alarm.
  • High-security fitting system and alarm activation.
  • Shackle position allows for a security alarm activation, as well as for inactivity.
  • Alarm resets itself automatically.
  • Comes with 3 keys and six-cell batteries.
  • Screws for the battery compartment are extremely difficult to unscrew.

2. Silverline 507205 Alarm Padlock, Blue Pantone 3005C

Next on our list, we have a bright blue alarm padlock that is very similar to our previous entry. This one is made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy, while the shackle is plated with chrome and features a body coated in powder.

The alarm on this product is a tad louder than the previous one, standing at 110dB. It activated when the padlock is moved, making it ideal for motorcycles, bikes, and garage doors. On top of that, thanks to its anti-muffle design, no thief will be able to cover the sound of this alarm padlock.

Moreover, the same design allows you to have the alarm in active or inactive status, depending on your preferences. The alarm automatically resets after inactivity. The set comes with 2 sets of batteries and 3 sturdy iron keys.

  • Heavy-duty aluminium alloy build.
  • Chrome-plated shackle.
  • 110dB alarm with the anti-muffle system.
  • Auto-reset function.
  • Alarm can be set to either active or inactive status.
  • 3 keys and 2 battery sets included.
  • Not waterproof.

3. Hilka Tools 71855070 70mm High-Security Alarm Padlock

Our third entry is a high-security alarm padlock from Hilka, which is also one of the common choices for people that search for alarm security padlocks. Therefore, this product can only be one of the best alarm padlocks on the market.

These padlocks come with an alarm that can be as loud as 110dB when activated – the alarm system is turned on when padlocks are moved or knocked. The padlock itself is made of heavy-duty metal and a steel shackle, which is pretty much the usual when it comes to an alarmed padlock that can do the job they were made for.

As with every product of this type, the padlock comes with 3 keys included, as well as two sets of batteries for the alarm. Keep in mind that the alarm of this particular model is located on the bottom of the padlock, so make sure it can’t be muffled.

  • Steel shackle.
  • 110dB alarm.
  • Alarm can be set to be either active or inactive.
  • 3 keys and 2 battery sets included.
  • Reputable brand and Amazon’s Choice.
  • Reportedly a bit difficult to set up.

4. Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock Motorbike Bike Disk Brake Lock

Next up, we have an alarmed padlock designed especially for motorbikes and motorcycles. It has built-in sensors that can detect sudden movements and shocks to activate the loud 100dB alarm.

The alarmed padlock itself is made of solid materials such as aluminium allow and is waterproof as well. On top of that, the product features a disc brake lock type that is sturdy enough to prevent any prying or sawing. The waterproof design makes the lock type rustproof as well.

What’s in the pack? Well, the product comes with pre-installed batteries, a set of 6 spare batteries, 3 keys, a carry pouch, 1 Allen key, as well as a 1.5m orange cable to signal potential thieves that your bike is locked and safe.

  • 100dB alarm system activates upon shock or sudden movement.
  • Waterproof, rustproof, and solid alloy aluminium lock type
  • Robust and sturdy disc brake lock type
  • Easy to use alarm system.
  • Handy accessories included – spare batteries, keys, Allen key, pouch, orange cable.
  • Universal size, compatible with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Alarm system sensor a bit too sensitive – fast cars on the street might accidentally activate the alarm.

5. FD-MOTO 4KG Anti-theft 1.8M*10mm Chain Lock Padlock

The following entry is also specially designed for motorcycles, as it includes a chain lock padlock, an alarm brake disc lock type, as well as a ground wall heavy duty anchor. This entire alarm system setup is meant to make your motorcycle almost immovable.

Let’s take the accessories one by one and see what’s up with them! The chain lock is almost 2m long, weighs about 4kg, and it is made using 1mm square steel. It’s not easy to break! The alarm disc lock, on the other hand, is equipped with a 110dB alarm that activates upon feeling vibrations/movement.

Speaking of the disc lock, the item is very easy to use, as it requires one single press to be fastened. The disc lock also features a 1.5m reminder cable of yellow colour, meant to keep away potential thieves – and to remember you that the disc lock is on.

  • 1.8m chain lock made of 10mm square steel.
  • 110dB alarm disc lock.
  • Easy to use disc lock with the one-press operation.
  • 1.5m disc lock yellow reminder cable.
  • Allen key and 6 back-up batteries included.
  • Anchor made of hardened steel with anti-tamper ball bearings and expanding bolts.
  • Alarm is a bit too sensitive.

6. ABUS 6000a/90 Sh Bordo Alarm Padlock

Here is another lock designed for vehicles, but especially for bikes, thanks to its interesting design. Moreover, it includes a bike mount as well, for easy transportation.

The casing and rods of the padlock – as it is an extensible one built out of rods – are made of specially hardened steel. On top of that, the padlock’s ABUS Plus cylinder is equipped with protection against tampering. This means that if your bike gets picked up in an attempt to break the lock, the lock will still hold its ground.

Last but not least, the padlock features an alarm that is as loud as 100dB and, once triggered, beeps for 20 seconds continuously. After 20 seconds, the alarm resets and waits for the next trigger.

  • Bike mount included.
  • 2 keys.
  • Made of specially hardened steel.
  • Anti-tampering technology.
  • 100dB alarm.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Reportedly a bit too short.

7. KKmoon 4 Digital Password Chain Smart Lock Anti Theft Alarm Keyless

For our seventh entry, we have what looks like a common bike anti-theft lock and traditional padlocks but it’s a bit more than just that! It is also in the budget product range and comes with enough positive reviews to make for a good product.

The product comes equipped with an alarm of 105dB that will trigger if the cable is cut if the battery cover is removed, is the code is wrong, or if the padlock detects sudden vibration. Any thief may attempt to input a code 3 times and, if every code is wrong, the alarm activates.

Speaking of the code, the padlock is equipped with a programmable 4-digit password (256 possible combinations). The entire padlock is also waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, it is compatible with all types of motorcycles and bikes.

  • 4 ways to trigger the 105dB alarm.
  • Programmable 4-digit password system.
  • Strong steel cable.
  • Waterproof padlock.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Alarm motion sensor a bit too sensitive.

8. OXFORD BOSS ALARM DISC Ultra Strong Disc Lock, 14mm

The next entry on our list is a proper heavy-duty lock from Oxford. Fitting for this particular characteristic is its bright yellow colour. Its main selling point is the 5-year life cycle that has been tested by professionals.

When it comes to the alarm, it is a removable sealed unit that is completely protected against water, strong vibration, frost, and extreme heat. Not thieves nor the elements will be able to silence this 100dB alarm.

On top of that, the padlock is also designed to work as a disc lock as well, meaning that you can use it to protect your motorcycle as well. In terms of build and materials, the product is made of 14mm steel.

  • 5-year life cycle.
  • 100% protected 100dB alarm unit which is also removable.
  • Usable as a disc lock.
  • 14mm steel build.
  • Tested on 5-minute attacks with 100% success rate.
  • Alarm turns off after only ten seconds of activity, making it not that effective.

9. Oxford Products OF4 Big Boss Alarm Disc Lock 16mm

Here’s yet another alarm padlock from Oxford. It is identical with the previous product – the only difference being the shackle which is made of 16mm steel, instead of 14. This makes for a more reliable padlock, especially if you live in dangerous neighbourhoods where everything can happen.

Naturally, this one can be used as a disc lock as well, thanks to the long shackle that extends above the main unit of the padlock.

The alarm module is, once again, completely sealed, as well as removable. Thieves won’t be able to damage it, regardless of what they use – even water or heat. The product’s 5-year life cycle has been tested by a British high-security company, Thatcham.

  • 16mm steel shackle.
  • Can be used as a disc lock.
  • Removable alarm module.
  • 100% sealed and weather-resistant alarm.
  • 5-year life cycle.
  • Batteries and keys included.
  • Reportedly the alarm is not that loud.

10. Bike Lock, Anti-Theft Security Wireless Remote Control Alarm Lock

The final entry list of the top alarmed padlock solutions is a simple yet sturdy, durable, and resilient bike lock. While this is its main use, it can still be used to lock a variety of doors and vehicles. The product features a smart electronic lock that can be controlled via a 4-digit password or remote control. It’s sure handy to have a remote – just make sure you don’t accidentally press the button.

When it comes to the alarm, it is of 115 decibels and is triggered upon sensing sudden movement, when the wire is cut, when the locking mechanism screw is removed, and when the password entered is wrong 3 times in a row.

For increased reliability, the main unit of the padlock is waterproof, as well as dust-proof, suitable for all rooms and locations. The systems will still function properly even if the temperature is as low as -10 degrees or as high as 60-degrees.

  • Password and remote lock and unlock.
  • 115dB sensitive alarm system
  • Waterproof and dust-proof unit.
  • Four-digit password system with 256 combinations available.
  • Alloy steel build.
  • Cable could be longer.

Best Alarm Padlock – Buying Guide

You shouldn’t expect buying a padlock with a built-in alarm to be easy. Why? Because, first of all, they are still not that popular – not many people know that padlocks with alarms are actually a thing and that are reliable as well.

Probably most of us, when thinking of alarm padlocks, imagine some flimsy locks that are better at letting you know that the lock has been broken rather than being sturdy enough to prevent themselves from being broken.

With some locks, the former does apply and this is why you need this comprehensive buying guide on how to buy the best alarm padlock available!

Things to Consider when Buying an Alarm Padlock


Proper padlocks are made of heavy-duty materials that can stand electric saws, immense pressure and so on. As you’ve seen with most of the products showcase above, all padlocks are made of strong metal with shackles made of alloy steel, which is the best material in this case.

Anything that is not a heavy-duty metal will not protect your assets if someone comes equipped and determined enough to break your lock.


When it comes to the design of alarm padlocks, you must consider where the alarm speaker is placed and how easy it is to muffle or damage it. A proper padlock alarm system has its speaker on the top of the lock, under the shackle, meaning that while it is locked onto something, the thief can’t cover the speaker.

Some models come with speakers on the side or the bottom of the lock. Make sure that, if covered, the alarm can’t be muffled and, most important, that the speaker can’t be damaged if you insert something sharp through the speaker’s holes.

Locking Mechanism/Un-locking Mechanism

Most padlocks are locked and unlocked via the classic key. However, some models on the market come with a 4-digit password system or with a remote that allows for easy locking and unlocking.

While the choice depends on personal preference, keep in mind that your key will always fit your lock, whereas digit password systems and remotes can easily malfunction and leave you dealing with a continuously beeping alarm.

We would recommend you to choose a classic, key-operated, padlock.

Alarm Power

A high-security padlock with alarm of under 100dB should not be considered as, at that power level, they can be easily muffled and ignored even by trespassers. Ideally, alarms of over 105dB can be easily heard if you use the lock on your garage door or a motorcycle parked in front of your home.

At the same time, 105dB+ makes for a not so common sound that would come from the direction of a bike or garage door, alerting citizens and passers-by as well.

Check if the alarm is not covered by the padlock too much that it would muffle it. Even if the alarm is advertised as powerful, the design of the padlock may limit its power.

Alarm Module Protection

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t be able to tamper with the alarm in any way – because if you can, so can a thief. On top of that, the alarm should activate when the battery compartment is tampered with as well.

However, speaking of alarm module protection, we refer to the alarm module being both water and dust-proof, as these two elements can kill an alarm system. If they’re not going to kill the alarm, they will surely damage the speaker and the alarm power/quality as well.

Additional Accessories

Naturally, a heavy-duty siren alarm padlock should come with at least 2 spare keys and 2 sets of spare batteries. The last thing you want to happen is another family member having the only pair of keys with them or the batteries failing right before leaving for holiday.

If you buy an alarm padlock that can be used as a disc brake for your motorcycle as well, make sure it comes with a reminder cable in a bright colour as well. Since you don’t want to damage your motorcycle brake system, a brightly-coloured reminder cable will let you know that, before starting the engine, you should remove the alarm padlock.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to test my alarm padlock?

Each manufacturer will specify the conditions that have to be met for the alarm to activate. However, most alarm padlocks require only sudden vibration or movement to activate the alarm.

As such, simply fasten the lock onto the garage door or bike and give it a strong wiggle. If the alarm turns on, then it works perfectly. If you want an extra layer of security, purchase a lock with an alarm that activates when the wire/shackle is cut or when anything else but a key is used to unlock it.

Q: How much do alarm padlock batteries last?

Even though this depends on the alarm’s brand/manufacturer, as well as on those of the batteries, they are known to last around 3 to 6 months under average use.

For example, a padlock alarm lock meant to secure the garage door overnight might last around 3 to 4 months in terms of alarm battery. On the other hand, an alarm padlock meant to secure a motorcycle used a couple of times a week and left idle throughout the city might last a bit longer as the alarm doesn’t stay active too much.

Q: What are the recommended temperatures for an alarm padlock?

Usually, you shouldn’t expose alarm padlocks to extreme temperatures for too long. When we say extreme, we refer to maximum -10 degrees and 60-degrees Celsius. Anything below/above these temperatures is likely to damage the alarm circuitry or the shackle.

Final Thoughts

A heavy-duty alarm padlock adds a layer of security to some of our most important belongings – namely the garage or the bike/motorcycle. While a regular lock won’t stop thieves from further thieving, so to speak, an alarm padlock will scare them away even if they manage to break the lock.

As such, if you have a fancy motorcycle or a nice car in the garage, an alarm padlock is worth the investment, especially given that some products out there are more reliable and resilient than simple heavy-duty locks on the market!

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