Handpicked Media – Get blogging winner!

I have been following the website Handpicked Media for quite some time now. They are a social media agency and also represent a collective of independent website and blogs. They represent some of my favourite blogs including Fashion Foie Gras and Disney Roller Girl.

I  entered the September Get Blogging competition on Handpicked Style a few weeks ago, thinking nothing would come of it. I know I have lots of lovely readers but I guess I assumed window displays were quite a niche market. Seems Im not the only one who loves a good display though because I won the get blogging comp for September. I am so flattered that they have taken the time to read through every entry and that my blog is one of there favourites! So this is really just a big thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and reading my blog, thats what gives me the drive to get out there and spend my time taking photographs!




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  1. Well done Victoria. I must admit that I don’t always comment, but I do read and look at the photos! They offer a little digression in the day and I am all the more grateful for them. Who does not need a little inspiration from time to time?


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