Best Syrian Hamster Cage UK

Syrian hamsters are known for being very active, especially during the night. On top of that, they are also highly territorial pets, meaning that one single hamster cage for two Syrian hamsters is almost always a no-no!

Because of the above, such hamsters need special cages, designed for them and for their territorial nature – as well as for hamsters who have an active lifestyle and, as some of you will soon discover, their size as they grow up!

Unlike normal hamsters, Syrian ones need cages with a couple of extra features in order for them to be accommodated properly. This is why, in the following lines, we’ll show you the best hamster cages on the market, as well as a buying guide on how to buy the best Syrian hamster cage!

Best Syrian Hamster Cages

1. Little Friends Grosvenor Rat and Hamster Cage with Wooden Shelf and Ladder

The first entry on our list is a classy, white and black hamster cage which is not only great for hamsters but also ideal for rats, chinchillas and other medium-sized pets. Naturally, the crib comes with everything a Syrian hamster might need!

It comes equipped with a wheel, food bowl, as well as a fancy little house for your hamsters to relax or sleep in. These are located in the upper area of the hamster cage, which can be accessed via a ladder. Basically, the upper area is a shelf that occupies roughly 1/3 of the cage’s length.

When it comes to dimensions, the hamster cage is 78cm long, 48cm wide, and 36cm high. The entry door is located on top of the cage and is 68x38cm, enough for both your pet and your hands. The product is collapsible for easy storage and transportation.

  • Ideal for Syrian hamsters, rats, chinchillas etc.
  • House, wheel, and bowl included.
  • 2 sections – bottom and shelf accessed via ladder.
  • Collapsible cage.
  • Large opening door on top.
  • Cage a bit flimsy.

2. Little Friends Landmark Animal Cage with Accessories

Next up, we have a hamster cage ideal for female Syrian hamsters – why? Because, besides the usual cage layout, this one is accompanied by a system of pink tubes that stretch across the cage’s inside, as well as on top of it. Moreover, the tube section on the top also comes with a round resting area from where your hamster can watch you.

But there’s more to it! The cage also comes equipped with a shelf, a ladder, a small resting house, a wheel, and a bowl. In terms of size, the cage is 58cm long, 38cm wide, and 29cm high. However, this model is modular meaning that multiple cages can be connected to one another to create a larger network, ideal for hamster groups.

Last but not least, this model can be found in three available colours: pink, bright green, and bright blue, perfect for an entire family of hamsters!

  • Several accessories included – shelf, ladder, house, wheel, bowl.
  • Play-pod and tube system across and above the cage.
  • Modular product.
  • Decent size for Syrian hamsters.
  • Narrow bar spacing – 1cm.
  • Tube system is a bit difficult to assemble.

3. Ferplast Favola Small Rodents and Hamsters Cage

The next entry on our list is a Favola hamster cage with 2 floors, which would be the ideal thing for this breed of hamster – remember that the more floor space they have, the happier they are. The bottom of the cage doesn’t come with many accessories but is made of transparent plastic so that you can check on your pet easily.

The top floor can be accessed via a ramp and contains a house, drinking bottle, bowl, wheel, and ladder – and is made of sturdy wire mesh for better ventilation. This particular model is modular as well, allowing for connection with other cages and habitats, which means your hamster home can grow if you get more hamsters.

When it comes to dimensions, this fancy cage is 60 by 36.5 by 30 centimetres.

  • Two floors for more activity space.
  • House, drinking bottle, bowl, wheel, and ladder included.
  • Wire sturdy mesh as top floor material.
  • Transparent plastic for the bottom floor.
  • Modular/connectable cage.
  • Reportedly a bit too small for Syrian hamsters.

4. Ferplast Combi 2 Hamsters and Small Rodents Cage

We got excited seeing this one as well! If your child has recently taken up the responsibility of caring for a pet hamster, then this cage is ideal for their room, thanks to its childish design.

The cage itself is a habitat made of two separate modules connected via a tube. It is made mainly of plastic but uses wire mesh for the opening part located on top. For the first module, the bottom is blue plastic while the top is transparent and it contains a house and a drinking bowl. It also features a side tube for more fun!

Then, the second module is entirely transparent and features the main attraction – the hamster wheel! Moreover, the cage is also equipped with a drinking bottle!

  • Plastic transparent roof.
  • Habitat with 2 modules connected via tubes.
  • Detachable upper part for ease of cleaning.
  • House, drinking bottle, bowl, wheel, and tubes included.
  • Modular cage.
  • Reportedly quite small by itself for Syrian hamsters. A modular habitat with more than 2 modules would be more suitable.

5. Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, Extra Large, Silver

Here’s another interesting model – a cage of 36 by 50 by 45 centimetres. Its bottom is made of hard plastic while the rest of the cage is made of sturdy wire mesh. Since it’s quite tall, the cage features 4 different shelves connected via ramps – one of them is at the bottom level and contains the house and the food bowl.

Naturally, the cage comes equipped with a drinking bottle, solid wheel, and a loft den as well. The latter is a house located at the very top of the cage so that you can easily see your hamster while they’re sleeping.

It is also extremely easy to clean as the entire wire cage can be lifted from the bottom section. Every single part is inter-connected to avoid damage. As such, the base won’t create any cleaning problems! The floor space and activity space is just what hamsters need.

  • Large, tall Syrian hamster house.
  • High-quality design.
  • Water bottle, food dish, solid wheel, and loft den included.
  • 4 different activity shelves connected via ramps.
  • Easy to clean via the detachable wire mesh part.
  • Wheel reportedly too flimsy.

6. Rosewood Pico Hamster Home, Translucent Teal

Next up, we have another entry from Rosewood (previous cage) but this time, instead of going up, the cage is much wider as it houses 2 large shelves and a loft den on top.

Just as with the previous model, all of the cage’s components are attached and fixed to the wire mesh part. This means that you can simply lift the wire and clean the bottom part of the cage – as easy as that!

It comes equipped with a loft den with a secured lid on top, which makes it very easy to steal your hamster while it’s sleeping, as well as with a drop-in water bottle, food dish, and solid training wheel.

Thanks to its 36 by 50 by 34 centimetres size, it is ideal for Syrian hamsters.

  • High-quality materials and design.
  • Long/wide hamster house.
  • Loft den, drop-in water bottle, food dish, and solid wheel included.
  • Easy to clean base via detachable top.
  • 2 large shelves for increased activity space.
  • Wheel might be too small for Syrian hamsters.

7. A Lazy Bones Hamster Cage, Three Storey with Tubes, Blue

Now, let’s take a look at this very colourful and transparent hamster cage. It really does come with everything a this breed of hamster would wish to have. On top of that, it is clearly the perfect gift for a children’s room, thanks to its vibrant look.

The entire cage is transparent and features 3 levels, including the bottom floor. All levels are connected via modular tubes of various colours. Moreover, each level has its own opening gate, meaning that you won’t have to run your hands after your hamster and lose them on another level!

On the top level, we have a drinking bottle, a bow, and a small wheel. The middle level also features a bowl and an external loft den, ideal for cosy sleeping. Last but not least, the bottom level features a larger wheel, for larger hamsters. Simply put, it comes with everything hamsters love.

  • Large Syrian hamster house.
  • 3 levels with 2 wheels, 2 bowls, drinking bottle, external loft den.
  • Sturdy, wire mesh sides.
  • Plastic bottom and tube section.
  • Handle on top for easy transportation and storage.
  • Vibrant, joyful colours.
  • Difficult to build as it comes in multiple pieces.

8. Easipet Large Hamster Cage in Clear Plastic with 2 or 3 Levels

This particular model is very similar to the previous one, only that it lacks the vibrant colours and, instead, sports a semi-transparent plastic build. It comes with three different levels, including the bottom floor, connected via tubes.

The main accessories of this cage, drinking bottle, wheel, external loft den, bowl, and tubes, come with either green or orange colour accents, depending on your preference.

If you think 3 levels are too much, a 2-level model is also available. Just as with the previous cage, this one comes equipped with a top handle that makes it easy to transport the product while the hamster is still in it.

  • Clean, semi-transparent plastic build.
  • Orange/blue accents.
  • Bowl, drinking bottle, wheel, external sleeping pod, and tubes included.
  • Available in 2- or 3-level design.
  • Sturdy wire mesh for the walls.
  • Difficult to build.
  • Wheel might be too small.

9. Ferplast Duna Fun Small Animal Cage, Large

Towards the end of our list, we have another really fancy cage, with more accessories than you could imagine. Moreover, the cage comes equipped with 3 different levels as well. The bottom is hidden under hard matte plastic, the middle one is encased in strong wire mesh, while the third one is surrounded by transparent plastic and strong wire mesh on top, as an opening gate.

The first two levels also feature a tube system that makes it super-easy for the hamster to travel. Among the accessories, we find a small blue house, a training wheel, water bottle, food bowl and external tube system.

In terms of dimensions, the large hamster cage is 71.5 by 46 by 40 centimetres – more than just ideal for this type of hamster.

  • Large Syrian hamster cage.
  • Hose, bowl, wheel, ramps, water bottle, and tube system included.
  • 3 levels for more activity space.
  • Sturdy wire mesh for walls and top opening door.
  • Easy to clean bottom floor thanks to detachable design.
  • Difficult to assemble. Lack instructions.

10. Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage Grey

The final entry on our top list is a modern hamster cage – and modern might be an understatement. The cage features a bottom side with curved edges, for a plus of style. But that’s not everything. The cage exterior is more of a shelf for the upper part and the detachable bottom tank.

The top side, on the other hand, is made of strong wire mesh and contains a training wheel and a drinking bottle. It connects to the tank via a ladder. The cage also comes equipped with a feeding bowl.

Its most spectacular characteristics are the detachable, transparent bottom tank, curved bottom design, large access top door, and foldable ladder to separate the upper and lower part.

  • Modern design.
  • Detachable, slidable bottom tank.
  • Water bottle, feeding bow, training wheel, and ladder included.
  • Strong wire mesh for the upper walls.
  • Large access top door.
  • Wheel is reportedly very noisy.

Best Syrian Hamster Cage – Buying Guide

Not all of the best hamster cages are built the same. Not to mention that most of the time, regular cages are advertised as hamster cages for this unique breed! If you purchase such a hamster cage, you’ll not only make your hamster sad but also have to see him struggle to release all of his/her energy.

This is why, before purchasing the hamster cage, you need to read the following guide, which contains everything you need to know about such cages and, ultimately, will make you really buy the best one on the market!

Style of Cage

Hamster cages usually come in three different styles – wire cage, plastic modular cage, and aquarium cage. Every type has both benefits and disadvantages – ultimately, it’s down to personal preferences and the cage’s reliability, so to speak.

Wire Cages

This is the most common style and usually feature a top part made of strong mesh wire sitting on a hard plastic base which houses the shredded paper bits. Most of the time, the top part can be removed entirely for ease of cleaning. This is what makes this style one of the most popular ones.

Plastic Modular Cages

this style is popular among kids, mainly because such cages are often brightly coloured and come with tube systems and external sleeping pods for their little friends. These cages are usually 100% transparent and have a tube system running through the cage or around its exterior. Multiple levels/floors are also common.

Aquarium Cages

This style usually features a plastic/glass tank/container that houses the biggest part of the cage, while the top is protected via strong wire mesh. Some models are also entirely made of plastic and feature just a small mesh opening.

Naturally, there might be cages that combine all of the three styles above. But keep in mind that, if you want an entire habitat for your hamster family, you will most likely have to rely on plastic modular cages.

Ease of Cleaning

It goes without saying that one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the best hamster cages is how easy they are to clean. If you’re an adult and have a pet hamster, then cleaning doesn’t or shouldn’t bother you.

However, if you have a child that has a knack for not cleaning their hamster’s home, then you’ll want a cage that can be easily cleaned.

Our recommendation would be to get a cage that can be easily disassembled, dismantled, or with a removable top part. This will make cleaning it very easy. Moreover, some of those external sleeping pods we mentioned above can also be detached, helping you avoid running after your hamster when cleaning is due.

Cage Ventilation

Another important aspect is the ventilation of the hamster cage, especially when you have plastic modular cages or aquarium cages that often have just one little wire mesh hatch for access.

On the other hand, open wired cages make your hamster susceptible to draft exposure, which may harm the little furry friends. Even though they provide proper ventilation, they have to be placed in the perfect spot in order to avoid any issues.

If you buy an enclosed plastic or aquarium cage, we recommend getting one with multiple ventilation spots for better airflow within the cage.

Syrian Hamster Cage Size

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Syrian hamsters can grow quite big and are also very active. Naturally, this calls for a decently-sized cage – if you want to provide them with a proper living environment and lots of floor space, that is.

When it comes to these hamsters, the ideal size is 24 by 12 by at least 12 inches (the latter being the height). This means 60 by 30 by 30 centimetres, as most of the cages mentioned in our top list.

On top of that, floor space is also very important to these hamsters, which is why most cages designed for them come with multiple floors or shelves. Most of the time, these hamsters don’t care too much about tubes and small compartments.

Security and Safety

Since these hamsters get big, they don’t need cages with very little bar space. In fact, a space between bars of maximum 1.2 centimetres is enough to keep them inside, safe and sound.

However, take into account horizontal bars as well, as these should allow easy climbing. But if there’s room for climbing, make sure that the fall distance, in case a fall happens, is not too big and won’t hurt the hamster.

For example, a cage with three levels should have each level connected via plastic tubes or via ladders not placed on above the other. Naturally, make sure to tighten the door locks, as hamsters tend to learn how to open basic locks quite quickly.

Wheel Size

Many cages come with wheels that are too small for Syrian hamsters – even those that are designed for specifically for these kinds of hamsters. Regardless of the type of cage you buy, you might have to upgrade the wheel or else be forced to look at your sad hamsters, staying next to the wheel and being bigger than it.

If you don’t want to upgrade the exercise wheel, but want your hamsters to benefit from the exercise, then make sure to get some details about its size before you buy the cage.

Depth of Bedding

Last but not least, bedding should be taken into account as well since burrowing is a big part of a hamster’s life. The bedding should be deep enough to a hamster to sleep in, but not big enough to allow them to push bedding bits out of the cage.

For the latter issue, deep plastic bedding trays are recommended.

Naturally, choose whatever accessories you’d like the hamster home to have – most of them come with wheel, drinking water, feeding bow, and house included.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Syrian hamsters require specially designed cages?

They require different cages because of their size and behaviour. In terms of size, they tend to grow larger than dwarf hamsters. As a comparison, a dwarf hamster can easily escape between the bars of a hamster home designed for Syrian hamsters.

Then, in terms of behaviour, Syrian hamsters are much more active and, if you have one, you probably can already fall asleep to the sound of their wheel!

Q: Are all plastic modular hamster cages so hard to assemble?

The general answer would be yes. Plastic modular cages are made to fit with a variety of other modules and components, making for easily interchangeable colours, accessories and so on.

However, in most cases, once you assemble such a hamster home it is very unlikely that it will come apart.

Q: How big should a Syrian hamster cage be?

The best hamster cage for Syrian hamster is sized at 60x30x30 centimetres. Anything below that might not be enough for chubbier hamster while anything above will certainly provide your hamster with enough space for activities!

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you have a Syrian hamster, you really do have to look for the best cage to buy, or else you’ll make a purchase for nothing.

If you thought that hamster cages fit all hamsters, regardless of origin, then we hope that our buying guide helped you understand how easy it is to purchase a bad hamster home.

Hopefully, our top list and buying guide made you an expert on the best hamster cages and you’re ready to bring home a new house for your furry little friend!

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