Best One Cup Kettle UK

Nowadays, traditional kettles are found in fewer and fewer homes. The trust is that people don’t have the time anymore to stand by a water kettle and wait for the water to be brought up to a boiling point.

We don’t even have to mention extremely busy workdays when a cup of hot/boiling water is all you need for your morning brew. Naturally, the faster you can boil water, the faster you can get your coffee done, the better. This is one of the reasons why one cup kettles are a thing – and very popular at the same time as well!

A one-cup kettle, also known as a hot water dispenser, can fulfil your instant hot water needs much better and faster than a traditional water kettle. As such, let’s take a closer look at the best hot water dispensers on the market and at what you need to take into account to buy the best one cup kettle!

Best One Cup Kettles

1. Breville VKT124 HotCup Hot Water Dispenser, 3 KW Fast Boil, Adjustable Cup Height, 1.7 Litres, Gloss Black

The first entry on our list is a fast boil hot water dispenser from Breville. Breville is one of the most reputed and well-known brands on the market when it comes to one cup kettles. The Breville VKJ318 comes with a modern, sleek design and with a glossy black colour – this makes it ideal for both personal and office use.

Moving on to characteristics, the kettle can fit up to 1.7L of water and it can boil it in one single minute. After boiling, water can be dispensed via touching a single button. Thanks to its removable drip tray, you can also fit larger glasses under the dispenser.

On top of that, a second button allows for partial cup filling, which can come in very handy when you want a stronger cup of coffee. The hot water dispenser is also equipped with a limescale water filter that ensures cleaner, safer to drink water.

  • 1-button water dispenser.
  • 1-minute to boil water.
  • 1.7L capacity.
  • Mid cycle stop option.
  • Large water opening for easy fill.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Limescale filter.
  • Cup stand is not magnetic.

2. Breville Brita HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Integrated Water Filter, 3 KW Fast Boil

Our second fast boil hot water dispenser from Breville comes in white and with a transparent water tank so that you can easily check the water level. Unlike the previous model, this one features a special fast boil technology that can boil water in under 50 seconds. Moreover, the same technology helps filter chlorine and limescale out of the water – all is done through a Brita filter with the Maxtra cartridge.

When it comes to the tank, it is ok 1.8L, which is about 9 cups, depending on the size. On top of that, thanks to the variable single-cup feature, you can select from nine different cup sizes before turning on the one cup kettle. A button also allows you to manually stop the water flow.

Last but not least, the transparent water tank illuminates while boiling, for a surreal atmosphere when you’re making a cup of tea in the middle of the night! Most of the hot water dispenser is made of Stainless steel, which is polished as well.

  • Boils one cup in under 50 seconds.
  • Filters limescale and chlorine.
  • 1.8L transparent tank.
  • Variable cup size.
  • Manual stop feature.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Polished Stainless-steel finish.
  • Stainless steel requires washing/wiping steam off after every cup.

3. Stainless Steel Catering Hot Water 20L Tea Urn Instant Water Heater, Boiler and Dispenser

Next up, we have a more serious one cup kettle, so to say, mainly because of its 20L capacity. This makes it ideal for more than just coffee and espresso – you can rely on it when you cook meals or for buffet service, in case you want it for commercial/professional use.

Thanks to the heating system of this instant hot water dispenser kettle, the unit can provide you with boiling instant hot water in just a couple of seconds after being refilled – on top of that, it is also fit for a cup of tea and mulled wine.

Naturally, given its capacity, the hot water dispenser comes with a highly-durable design, featuring double walls made of Stainless steel and a polished exterior. For more safety, the one cup kettle is equipped with a safety lock, as well as with heat resistant handles, making for the ideal, if not the best one cup hot water dispenser on the market!

  • 20L capacity.
  • Professional heating system.
  • Double Stainless-steel walls with built-in water gauge.
  • Safety lock and heat resistant handles.
  • Anti-drip tap.
  • Built-in boil dry protection.
  • Inner heating elements are reportedly very susceptible to corrosion.

4. Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispense 131004 Redefine Black 3L

For our next entry, we have a classy one cup kettle and hot water dispenser from Morphy Richards – that is a bit smaller compared to the previous 20L one. This one, on the other hand, can fit up to 3L of water.

This Morphy Richards hot water dispenser comes with a temperature select option so that you can boil water at the right temperature for everything you might need it for – pasta, or a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. Moreover, you can have the kettle dispense 600ml of water automatically, without having to stop it. A push of a button will stop the dispensing process.

Last but not least, this hot water dispenser is equipped with Brita technology as well. This handy technology treats the water and prevents odours as well as substances from staying in your boiled water. It can keep chlorine, limescale, and metals away!

  • Temperature control settings.
  • 3L capacity.
  • Automatic dispense function.
  • 150ml to 1.6L at a time boiling function.
  • Brita technology that eliminates unwanted odours and substances.
  • You can’t stop the kettle if you accidentally hit the “auto” button – you must first wait for the process to finish.

5. Neo 2.5L Instant Hot Dispenser Water Boiler Machine 2600w

Coming in with a vintage look, sporting glossy grey and orange colours, our next entry from Neo will surely make a classic/vintage kitchen happy. It comes with a 2.5L water tank, so it is ideal for large families that drink a lot of tea or coffee as well.

On top of that, the water tank is also removable for very easy refilling. This is extremely convenient as you don’t have to move the entire unit or struggle filling it from the top.

The unit features a double safety system with dual-on/off switch stage. Its drip tray is also detachable for you to fit larger cups and to make all the accessories for these hot water dispensers easy to clean. Reportedly, this one cup kettle can heat up to 500ml per minute.

Last but not least, the water tank is transparent – you’ll always know when you have to refill it!

  • 2.5L removable, transparent water tank.
  • Double safety system.
  • Detachable drip water tray.
  • Produces 500ml of boiling water per minute.
  • 3 colour options.
  • Reportedly water runs very slow.

6. Quest 34060 Instant Hot Water Dispense with Removable Tank and Drip Tray

This one cup boiler from Quest can fit up to 2.5L of water and comes with a common design, resembling espresso machines – only that it gives hot water! Let’s see how fast thought!

Thanks to an extremely powerful 2600W heating element, you can expect your water to be brought to boiling point in just a couple of seconds. Then, to avoid spilling any of it around the cup, the unit features a manual shut-off button.

It is very easy to use as the tank comes with a gauge indicator and, on top of that, it is also removable for easy refilling. Naturally, the hot water dispenser has a drip tray as well, having it convenient and easy to clean.

  • 2600w heating element for hot water in just seconds.
  • Manual shut-off switch.
  • 2.5L removable tank with level indicator.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the drip tray.
  • Common, yet stylish design.
  • Manual water flow can be somewhat inconvenient for some.

7. VKJ784 Hot Cup with Variable Water Dispenser-Breville

The next entry is another hot water dispenser from Breville, featuring the usual glossy black finish, but this time with a hint of pink, for a tax of extra personality, so to say. O top of that, according to the reviews, this single-cup kettle might top some of the other high-end hot water dispensers from the same brand.

It has a 2-litre capacity and is equipped it a variable dispense feature to accommodate cups of different sizes – ideal for the entire family. The product boils water in around one minute, after which it can be dispensed via a single button touch.

As with many other one cup kettles, this one features a removable drip tray as well for ease of cleaning and has a safety cut-out as well.

  • 2L capacity.
  • Variable dispense feature.
  • 1-minute boil time.
  • Doesn’t splash.
  • Reportedly low noise.
  • Light indicators reportedly stop working after a while.

8. Electric Water Dispenser, Desktop Drinking Fountain Cold & Hot Water Cooler Heater

For the final entry on our top list, we have a fancy and classy hot water dispenser from LOJALS. It is shaped like a rectangle and features a glossy black finish. At first sight, it looks like a coffee maker, especially thanks to the glossy brown part where the buttons are located.

Thanks to its tabletop design, it can be used anywhere – at home or in the office – as it easily fits into corners. On top of that, it can dispense both hot and cold water, depending on your preferences. Ideal for chilly winter evenings or hot summer days.

The unit is made from durable Stainless steel and features enviro-friendly heating, via its fast thermal conductivity technology. On top of that, the liner is also made of Stainless steel, for high heating efficiency.

  • Tabletop design.
  • Dispenses both cold and hot water.
  • High-end materials.
  • Detachable nozzle.
  • One-button operation and push-cup water dispense system.
  • No built-in water tank.

Best One Cup Kettle – Buying Guide

These were the best one cup kettles that you can currently find on the market – but none of them might be the one that you’re looking for! As such, we’ve taken the time and patience to create a comprehensive buying guide that will teach you everything you need to know about one cup kettles!

In the following lines, we’ll talk about boil speed, litre capacity and tank size, ease of use, safety, and so on – basically what makes the best!

Water Boiling Speed

Naturally, when you buy a hot water dispenser that is a much fancier kettle, you expect it to also boil water faster than the regular version. Luckily for you, there are plenty of one cup kettles on the market that can boil water for you in one minute or less.

However, as a general rule, consider one cup kettles that can boil a certain amount of water at a time so that you don’t have to wait for the unit to boil al the water in the tank. This not only saves on your energy bills but also saves you plenty of time – as a 250ml cup of water can be brought up to the boiling point very easy.

Water Temperature and Settings

Pasta, coffee, and tea and whatever morning brew you prefer, for example, require different water temperatures for ideal preparation, so to speak. On top of that, if you buy a one-cup kettle specifically for instant coffee making, you wouldn’t want it to boil water at a low temperature, unfit for coffee.

This is why you have to check how potent the unit is in term of boiling, as well as if it has comprehensive water temperature settings. If you want to prepare a variety of hot drinks for you and your family, then a one-cup kettle with temperature settings would be the perfect purchase.

Water Tank Characteristics

When it comes to one cup kettles, their water tanks can be either built-in, removable, or not included, if we may say so.

Built-in water tanks are often refilled via directly pouring through a hole located on the top of the one cup kettle. While easy to use and quite straightforward, some people might have difficulties in refilling their tank, especially if it is a large one.

Removable water tanks that some hot water dispensers have, on the other hand, even though they’re much more convenient, are not fit for people with arthritis or who can’t carry heavy objects. For example, some tanks can go as high as 3L capacity, which would make it a nuisance to refill if you’re above 50 years old.

Keep in mind that one cup kettles don’t come with a water tank at all and that you’ll have to buy a specially designed water jug for them – just like with the hot water dispensers you commonly find in waiting rooms.

Choosing between the three boils down to personal preference, just as in the case of the tank capacity. However, the minimum we’d go for is 1.5L as it is the ideal quantity for at least one cup of coffee every day throughout the week.

Cup Size and Features

In terms of cup size, we refer to what kind of cups the one cup kettle can fit. With most hot water dispensers, you will be able to use only one of your mugs – the one that fits the best -, but there are quite a lot of hot water dispensers that come with an adjustable height feature or with water flow settings that can manage cups of different quantities.

It is important to determine if the kettle can fit at least one of your cups so that you avoid accidental spillage of boiling water. On top of that, if the one cup kettle doesn’t come with a dedicated automatic shut-off function, you will have to stand by your cup and manually press the stop button.

Adjustable Dispenser

Speaking of fitting cups of different sizes and quantities, one feature that can help with that is the adjustable water dispenser. This allows for the dispenser to be moved higher than usual to accommodate taller cups.

Naturally, it also works the other way around, as you can lower the dispenser to avoid splashes of boiling water.

Certain high-end models may feature hot water dispensers that can operate at an angle, making it accommodate even more types of mugs, bowls, and so on. In short, buy a one-cup kettle that fits your day-to-day necessities/requirements.

Manual/Instant Stop

Earlier, we talked about how you should have the option to manually stop the one cup kettle from dispensing water to avoid spillage. Well, this is an essential feature – and there’s not only one reason for this!

An instant stop button will allow you to make stronger coffee and tea, as you have the chance to fill just a half cup with boiling water. Even if the one cup boil kettle that you buy comes with settings regarding how much water it should dispense, it should still feature a manual stop button for when you want to introduce diversity in your life.

Drip Tray Characteristics

A drip tray should be included with all one cup kettles purchased, as it makes cleaning the kettle incredibly easy. If a spill occurs, it will be caught by the drip tray, not by the hot water dispenser itself or by your table.

On top of that, if the drip tray is removable as well, then you need a single stream of water to fully and properly clean it, in the sink or even dishwasher.

Water Filtration Features

Depending on the area you live in, tap water might be the last thing that you’ll drink. But if you have a 3-to-5L one cup kettle, you probably might not want to buy bottled water for it all the time.

If you end up using tap water for the kettle, then you must buy a one-cup kettle equipped with a water filtration system – even the simplest one available. Simple, yet comprehensive, water filters like a limescale filter can help eliminate odours from your water, as well as unwanted substances such as metals, chlorine, and limescale.

However, if you buy a kettle that lacks a filter and you plan to use tap water, then we strongly recommend the purchase of a water filter of at least the same capacity as your kettle.

Automatic Drink-Maker

There’s one feature that we didn’t see on our top list, and for good reason – it’s really hard to come by and often doesn’t work as intended. However, if you find a product that has it, maybe you should try it!

We’re talking about automatic drink preparation, based on a timer. In short, certain one cup kettles can be set to pour boiling water over tea or instant coffee in the morning, before you wake up. This allows you to enter the kitchen and be welcomed by the smell of fresh, even though instant, coffee.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I go too far when buying a one-cup kettle?

Yes, we actually can go too far with such a hot water dispenser or kettle! Given the wide range of applications and uses, hot water dispensers are available for both personal and commercial/professional use. As such, a 20L one cup kettle is more than enough for you and you might want to rely on a smaller, homier machine.

At the same time, larger and more intricate kettles and hot water dispensers require costly repairs when and if they break down.

Q: How do you clean a one-cup kettle?

The cleaning of a one cup water dispenser is done as the cleaning of every other product – but with a catch! For hot water dispensers, you’ll need to descale them as well or, in other words, remove the water residue that might have got into its pipes and internal components.

Descaling is often done with commercial mixtures or with homemade ones containing cold water and vinegar.

Q: What is the most important feature of a one-cup kettle?

We’d say that speed is the most important feature. The faster it can boil water and lets you prepare a hot cup of coffee or tea, the better your day will be!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, buying a one-cup kettle is not as easy as buying a regular kettle. Such hot water dispensers can come with an incredible number of features and settings that you might soon get lost while searching for the perfect one for you and your family.

However, if you look into our top list and read our buying guide, you’ll surely be able to buy the best one cup kettlein no time!

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