Best Leak Proof Travel Mug UK

Travel mugs are more than just lifesavers, especially for the coffee lover that only like one particular coffee shop or don’t like any coffee or hot drinks but their own or prefer to stay away from reusable plastic cups. Speaking of the latter, the travel mug is also one of the best ways to protect the environment, as they prevent the use of plastic straws and cups.

On top of that, given that leak proof travel mugs are a thing, the whole product/concept gets so much better! In short, you get a dedicated coffee travel mug for everything you might want to drink and, to make it even better, it won’t leak while in your bag or while tumbling inside a troller.

If you like traveling and don’t want to rely on hot drinks like coffee/orange juice and other drinks made by someone else or from the local coffee shop, then what you need is the best leak proof travel mug!

Best Leak Proof Travel Mugs

1. Opard Travel Mug Leakproof 350ml (12oz) Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated

The first entry on our list is a travel mug from Opard, which is also Amazon’s Choice in terms of leak proof travel mugs. In short, if you wanted a quick find, this is just the travel mug for you!

Thanks to the double-walled Stainless-steel build, this travel mug can keep drinks hot for at least 6 hours and cold for around 10 hours. Naturally, the materials used are BPA-free and food-grade, to avoid any chemical infiltration or such.

Taking a look at its exterior, we notice a non-slip textured grip, which is more than welcome. The lock and seals of the mug, as well as its bottom, are 100% leak proof! On top of that, the mug is compatible with most, if not all car cup holders.

  • Double-walled Stainless-steel build.
  • Keep drinks hot like coffee and tea for 6 hours and cold for 10.
  • Non-slip, textured grip.
  • Travel mug leak proof seal, lid, and bottom.
  • 350ml capacity.
  • Carry clip included.
  • Reportedly, the lid is a bit tricky to screw on and might take a few attempts.

2. Opard 480ML Coffee Travel Mug Auto Seal Double Walled Vacuum Insulation Stainless Steel

This is another stainless steel travel mug from Opard, but this model can hold up to 480ml of your favourite beverage and has a different design as well.

The product features an 18/8 Stainless-steel body with double-walled vacuum insulation. As such, it can keep that morning coffee hot for up to 6 hours and orange juice cold for up to 12 hours.

Naturally, the lid is leak proof and can be detached from the main body and it opens up to allow thorough cleaning as well. Moreover, it seals automatically after every use to further prevent unpleasant leaks.

The bottom of the travel mug features a silicone patch that keeps it from sliding/falling from smooth surfaces.

  • 480ml capacity.
  • Stainless-steel body.
  • Double-walled vacuum insulation.
  • Detachable and autoseal lid.
  • Sweat-free outer finish.
  • Car holder compatible.
  • Coloured finish might start to come off after a while.

3. Travel Mug Reusable Coffee Cup with Leakproof Lid Insulated Coffee Mug

Next, we have a leak proof coffee mug ideal for those that prefer simple, yet fancy designs. The product has a range of colours available, each with a glossy finish.

As expected from a travel mug, it features an 18/8 Stainless-steel body, which is food-grade and pollution-free, so your nice cup of coffee won’t be tainted. On top of that, the product is double-walled as well, for better temperature retention. The lid is also BPA-free!

The leak-free design is accompanied by a one-click-opening lid which is easy to close after drinking, unlike the lids of other mugs. Liquids poured in this travel mug keep their temperature for up to 6-8 hours.

  • 4 colours and 2 capacities available.
  • Double-walled and Stainless-steel build.
  • Free from BPA lid with one-click-opening design.
  • 100% leak proof.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • It’s reportedly a bit too heavy (240g).

4. Newdora Coffee Travel Mug Leakprook 380ml, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Cup

This stainless steel travel coffee mug from Newdora comes with a design that might make us think that it is not leakproof at all – but let’s take a closer look!

Thanks to the convenient lid design of this travel cup, you can drink in two different ways – either via unscrewing the lid or by pressing the button on top of it. Naturally, the button-activated drink mode may be a bit messy.

The build features a double-walled vacuum insulated 18/8 Stainless-steel build for ideal temperature retention and durability. The steel is food-safe, as well as BPA-free – this applies to the lid material as well.

When it comes to temperature retention, this travel cup can keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 9 hours.

  • 2 ways to drink.
  • 18/8 Stainless-steel build, double-walled.
  • Sweat-free and fingerprint-free exterior.
  • Food-safe and free from BPA materials.
  • Rubber sole on the bottom.
  • Leakproof lid.
  • Complicated top – might also rattle a lot while in a bag/backpack.

5. Thermos 101834 Stainless King Travel Mug, Matt Black, 470 ml

Next up, we have this rather bulky, leakproof insulated stainless steel travel mug. Thermos are responsible for the Stainless King travel mug has a capacity of 470ml and a weight on par with it, so to speak, of 422 grams. It features a pleasant matt black finish and a silver lid – besides the black plastic handle.

In terms of build, just like other travel mugs, this one is made of highly-durable Stainless-steel (both interior and exterior) with vacuum insulation. It can keep liquids hot for 7 hours and cold for up to 18 hours.

It’s also worth mentioning that this Stainless King travel mug comes equipped with a built-in tea hook, ideal for tea lovers. Last but not least, the lid has a drink lock sealing system in place, for a 100% leakproof mug.

  • Drinklock sealing system.
  • Built-in tea hook.
  • Stainless-steel travel-friendly design with vacuum insulation.
  • 470ml capacity.
  • Sweat-proof.
  • Difficult to clean.

6. Contigo West Look Autoseal Travel Mug, Stainless Steel Thermal Mug, Vacuum Flask, Leakproof Tumbler

Here we have yet another Stainless steel travel mug with a matte black finish – ideal for business trips!

This travel mug from Contigo features autoseal technology that leak-proofs the lid between each and every sip so that you don’t find any liquids outside of the mug. On top of that, the lid-lock system prevents the lid button from being accidentally pushed while in your bag or backpack.

When it comes to isolation, the travel mug is equipped with Thermalock – double-wall vacuum insulation crowned by a Stainless-steel build. The materials used are also BPA-free and food-grade. Drinks are kept hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 12 hours in this travel mug.

  • Easy to clean and Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% leakproof – autoseal technology and lid-lock system.
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation.
  • High-quality Stainless-steel build.
  • Sweat-proof design.
  • Coating comes off easily (after a couple of washes).

7. Insulated Coffee Cup, Double Walled Travel Mug Vacuum Insulation Stainless Steel with Leakproof Lid

If you don’t want to carry a bulky mug with you and prefer something smaller and easier to store, then this small leak proof travel mug is perfect for you. It has pretty much the same size as a reusable plastic cup – only that it’s made of Stainless-steel and can keep your coffee hot for a very long time.

On top of the steel build, the travel mug features an insulated double wall for proper temperature retention. The lid is made of BPA-free materials and features a leakproof system on the lid.

Last but not least, it has a capacity of 384ml (a bit more than a usual coffee cup) and features a rubber sole to prevent the travel mug from tipping over.

  • Highly-durable Stainless-steel build.
  • 384ml capacity.
  • Vacuum Insulated travel double-wall.
  • Lid free from BPA with leakproof system.
  • Rubber sole.
  • No pressure release system

8. Arvestrix Coffee Travel Mug, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tea to Go Flask

This 450ml travel mug is ready to accompany any lady on their holiday trips – as the product comes in three bright colours (red, pink, and purple) and with a glamorous silver finish.

You can enjoy hot coffee for up to 6 hours and cold water for up to 8 hours thanks to its vacuum insulated and Stainless-steel build. The materials used are BPA-free, preventing contaminants from getting into your liquids.

The lid features a one-click mechanism. This makes the product both spill- and leak-resistant. On top of that, the interior features a tumbler and 2 rubber rings as well, to further prevent any accidental leaks.

It is compatible with most car cup holders.

  • 450ml capacity.
  • Free of BPA
  • Stainless-steel build and vacuum insulated.
  • Insulated travel mug and 2 rubber rings to prevent leaks.
  • Non-slip, textured grip.
  • Lid might be difficult to use for some.

9. Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug 0.35L/12OZ Hammertone Green

Next up, we have a classic mug, ideal for heavy-duty jobs or construction sites. However, thanks to its Hammertone green colour, it is ideal for hiking and traveling as well.

The travel mug can keep drinks at your desired temperature for up to 5 hours, cold for up to 8 hours, and iced for up to 20 hours. How is this possible? Well, due to the 18/8 high-quality and food-grade Stainless-steel build and it is double-walled vacuum insulated.

All materials used in the making of this cup are BPA-free.

The lid features a trigger-action system – a simple push of the button at the back of the lid opens the drinking mouthpiece located on the lid’s top. Naturally, this system is 100% leakproof.

  • Double-wall vacuum insulated.
  • Stainless-steel build.
  • 354ml capacity.
  • Free of BPA
  • Trigger-action push button lid system
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher (top rack).
  • Due to its small size, might not fit certain car cup holders.

10. Livelit Travel Coffee Mug 500ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Cup Thermos Leakproof

For our final entry, we are taking a look at this 500ml travel mug from Livelit. Let’s see what makes it one of the best travel mugs available!

First of all, it features a 360-degrees leak-proof design that allows you to store it anywhere while traveling – even rolling in the backseat of your car. Thanks to the textured design, you’ll have an easy time holding the mug with a single hand and drinking from it as well. The one handed push button lid system is also very convenient when it comes to one-hand operation.

Obviously, the cup is vacuum insulated and has a double-wall construction that provides proper insulation and temperature retention.

  • 360-degree leakproof design.
  • Non-slip, textured grip.
  • Slim profile.
  • Vacuum insulated Stainless-steel build.
  • 500ml capacity.
  • Steam hole too small (favours pressure build-up).

Best Leak Proof Travel Mug – Buying Guide

If you didn’t find the right mug for you in our list above, don’t worry!

In the following lines, we’ve prepared a comprehensive buying guide that will help you find the perfect mug to take with you while traveling. Let’s see what you have to take into account when buying such a product.

Mug Capacity

It goes without saying that the first thing to look at is the capacity of the travel mug. It must fit your travel habits and preferences, to say the least.

For example, if you don’t like to take coffee breaks while on the road, then a mug with a capacity of over 400ml is ideal for you. It can store plenty of coffee or even water to prevent you from taking unnecessary breaks.

However, keep in mind that large capacity means increased weight as well. Quite often, mugs that can fit 400ml of liquid weigh around 400 grams as well – making for a mug of almost 1kg.

If you want to use the mug while hiking, a medium-capacity mug might be better for you.

Mug Size

When it comes to size, travel mugs or cups can be either tall or wide and bulky. This is caused by the double-insulation build that forces manufacturers to sometimes double the width or height of their product. On the other hand, this feature keeps drinks hot or cold, so there’s really no room to complain here.

However, large mugs may not fit universal car cup holders, while small travel cups may not be ideal for an entire day spent in the wild.

Overall, bulky mugs are the real travel mugs, so to speak, while smaller ones can be used as regular office mugs as well.

Build Materials

This is a tricky section because you have to look at more than just one part of the mug. You have to consider the material of the main body, of the lid, and of the lid’s interior.

Naturally, most leakproof travel mugs and cups are made of high-quality Stainless-steel. If you want a mug capable of temperature retention, then you won’t buy a simple plastic one.

Then, the lid is often made of plastic or hardened plastic. However, what you have to check if it is made using BPA-free plastic – or at least its inner part. This is to ensure that your beverage won’t catch a plastic taste and keeps various contaminants away from your drink and you.

Mug Grip

Given that some of the best travel mugs and cups can get as heavy as 1kg when filled with liquid, it is essential that they feature a proper grip as well. You really don’t want to drop your mug of black coffee or your preferred drink while its lid is not on and spill your hot drinks all over the place.

Most travel mugs come with textured non-slip grips and add a non-sweat feature as well, to prevent the mug from getting wet when cold liquids are in it.

If you find a mug that you really like but it doesn’t come with a textured, non-slip grip, then you can buy the grip separately or even make one yourself.

The Lid

There are many types lids and lid systems that you may come across when browsing for leak proof travel mugs. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so it all boils down to personal preference when it comes to choosing one.

For example, if you think you’ll be forced to use your travel mug one-handed, then look for a on e-handed button-activated lid. Spring-triggered and autoseal lids are usually the ideal choice.

Some travel cups come with a lock-like system in place, where the lid has to be popped in place after you finish drinking. The advantage here is that the mouthpiece may be a bit larger and allows for more efficient drinking, so to say.

Last but not least, you might want to check if the lid can be used as a cup, in case this is something you might need or use. Another convenient system features a single large button built-in on top of the lid, which makes it ideal for one handed use.

Steam Hole

What does a steam hole do in a travel mug? Well, it prevents hot liquids like coffee and tea from being sprayed in your face when you unlock the lid’s mouthpiece.

Hot liquids, such as coffee and tea, build up pressure when poured in enclosed spaces, such as a double-walled travel mug. While a Stainless-steel mug will definitely not burst under pressure, the liquid will certainly do so when pressure is given the possibility to release.

A steam hole, however, prevents pressure build-up and allows you to get your travel mug ready for a trip without having to let your coffee cool down. After all, what would be the point of a temperature-retention system if there’s no steam hole?

In short, make sure this feature is present in the travel mug that you plan to buy.

Temperature Retention

Almost all leakproof travel mugs are capable of retaining temperature over a certain period of time. However, you want to make sure that the retention time is ideal for your needs.

Travel mugs keeps drinks hot for as little as 4 hours or up to 8 hours. If you want to enjoy a cup of hot coffee when you reach your destination, then 8 hours of temperature retention would be recommended.

When it comes to cold liquids, well-built travel mugs can keep water cold for up to 12 hours even in the middle of summer. If the brand is well-known and the build quality is at least decent, you shouldn’t have any issues with cold contents.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are leakproof travel mugs dishwasher safe?

Most, if not all, travel mugs out there are dishwasher safe and usually ideal for the top shelf. Which makes them very easy to clean. If you’re not sure whether your model can be washed in a machine or not, we recommend washing at least the lid by hand, since it may have parts/elements that can get damaged easily.

Q: The mug doesn’t fit into my car cup holders – should I return it?

If you really like the travel mug and don’t want to return it, then you can buy a separate mug grip that can help it fit your car holder. Separate grips are usually made of silicone but can be made of flexible cloth as well, and add a bit of extra width to your cup that might make it compatible with your car holder.

Q: Are there any travel mug accessories that I should consider?

Well, most leak proof travel mugs don’t come with a handle. If you prefer using a handle rather than gripping the mug, you can purchase separate mug handles. They come in a variety of colours and even adjustable sizes and are perfect for travel mugs that don’t have textured grips.

Final Thoughts

Drinking good coffee while on the road is not that easy, depending on where you travel and especially if you’re picky and are nowhere near your favourite coffee shop! Moreover, if you do find the perfect coffee but are in a rush, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it if you’re driving!

In situations like this, leak proof travel mugs become actual lifesavers. They keep your coffee hot and ready to drink throughout the day and, most importantly, don’t spill any liquid even if they tumble and roll.

Naturally, the same applies to people that enjoy drinking only cold, fresh water! An entire day on the road, in the middle of the summer, requires more than a plastic water bottle forgotten in the car.

As such, we hope that you’ll use our buying guide and our top ten list in order to buy the best leak proof travel mug!

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