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Kites will never go out of fashion! Nothing compares to that family reunion or Sunday morning when you feel some wind building up, grab your kids by the arm, and decide today you’ll fly a kite – all day long!

On top of that, flying kits is not only about having fun and a windy day. The entire process could be defined as artful and it requires a bit of knowledge about physics and such. While that knowledge is not necessary to fly a kite, it will surely come in handy once your son/daughter gets the hang of kite-flying!

Therefore, if you want to surprise your family with a unique choice of gift, maybe with something they’ve never seen before – or in a long time -, let’s take a look at our recommendations for the best kites and at how to buy the ideal model!

Best Kites

1. LANGING 2 Pack Octopus Kite Long Tail Beach Kite Easy Flyer

The first entry on our list is a classic, octopus design kite, ready to entertain your children. The pack includes 2 kites of different colours – namely, red and green.

When it comes to size, these are 400×71 centimetres, while the line length is of around 30 meters. Naturally, each octopus kite is made of a common kite-material, nylon fabric.. As expected, it requires no assembly or awkward fiddling – you can take it out of the bag and it is very easy to fly it immediately.

The octopus kite two-pack allows both children and any adult customer to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the park. You can use it to teach your kids how to use and control theirs with relative ease so they are more confident flyers.

  • Nylon material.
  • Pack of 2
  • Colourful and attractive octopus design.
  • Large – 400x71cm.
  • Long line – 30m.
  • Single kite string/line – doesn’t allow for complex left/right control.

2. Original Rainbow Kite for Children and Adults

Next up, we have a conventional rainbow kite ideal for any customer, whether they are kids or adults. This product reportedly features a design created by the fans/customers of the brand Sun Kites.

The kite’s wingspan is of 1.5m and it is equipped with six tails as well, each of 2.5m. In short, you really can’t lose this kite in the sky!

In terms of materials, the manufacturer has taken things up a notch further and used weather-resistant polyester paired with fibreglass stability poles. Thanks to the build and the materials used, the kite is rip-stop as well.  Naturally, the stability poles make it so you can snap the kite together in a matter of seconds and get it ready for flying!

  • Classic, rainbow design.
  • 1.5m wings
  • Six 2.5m tails make it an eye catcher and easy to fly
  • Durable polyester and fibreglass build.
  • Weather-resistant and rip-stop.
  • The pole pockets are open, causing the stability poles to fall out.

3. Anpro Huge Colorful Kite for Kids and Adults

While still a rainbow kite, this product has a slightly different design, just in case you don’t fancy the conventional kites, so to say. Just as the previous product, this features a high-quality polyester and fibreglass build prevents rips and can resist to mild weather conditions.

The kite is 150cm wide and 80cm long and features two tails of 2.5m length each. The flying line is of 60m and, given the kite can resist wind levels of up to level 5, you can fly this quite high.

The fibreglass stability poles allow you to fold the kite for easy storage. Moreover, the product comes with a carrying bag as well, for increased convenience.

  • High-quality polyester and fibreglass build.
  • Can resist winds of up to level 5.
  • Rip-stop design.
  • Rainbow colours and long twin tails.
  • Decent wings
  • Stability poles’ instructions are a bit unclear.

4. HONBO HUGE Fighter Plane Kite for Kids and Adults

If your child is a fan of fighter planes and dreams of flying a plane in the future, then this kite can give him a head-start! The design of the product resembles a multi-coloured fighter plane that will certainly be seen when high in the sky.

The wingspan of the kite is of 147cm and its length is of 107cm. Given the size of the product, its build is qualitative as well. The kite is made of rip-stop polyester fabric paired with polyester rods for increased stability.

Last but not least, the line is 60m long and comes equipped with a swivel as well, for better kite control.

  • 147cm wings
  • Long kite – 107cm.
  • Attractive fighter plane design.
  • Durable polyester build – with rip-stop built-in.
  • Line and Swivel.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Reportedly line/kite string feels flimsy.

5. Brookite 30005 Silver Dual Line Sports Kite

Kite flying can be either casual or professional. While casual kite flyers don’t need anything too complex in their kite, those that want to engage in tricks, for example, usually need better, more resilient products.

If that’s the case, then you should take a look at this kite. It comes with a swallow-tail design and a rod across the middle for increased stability when faced with strong winds.

Despite being a stunt kite, it is still easy to fly and is easy to assemble quickly. Its medium size wings makes it one of the best low wind kites for stunts.

The colours used are also vibrant enough for it to be used in the park, as a usual kite.

  • Dual-line build.
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Easy to fly.
  • Swallow-tail design.
  • 183cm wings
  • Stunt kite.
  • Not suitable for mild winds. Needs strong ones.

6. MIC CIM Single Line Kites – Happy Eddy Joker

Next, we have one of the best beginner kites. In case they’re frightened by kite-flying or just a tad nervous, Eddy the happy Joker is here to comfort them!

The kite features a classic diamond design, adorned by a pair of eyes, a mouth, and a yellow nose on a multi-coloured background. It is ideal for kids aged 3 and above.

Despite being a children’s and beginners product, the kite has a sturdy and resilient build. It is made of tear-resistant polyester and a fiberglass frame. It can resist light wind and, thanks to the looptail, it can be used in stronger winds as well – up to 5 BFT.

  • High-quality build
  • Diamond design
  • Polyester and fibreglass materials, for sturdiness.
  • 67cm wings
  • Long string, suitable for kids and beginners
  • Rods are reportedly very thin.

7. Stoie’s-Bird Kite-Huge Bird Kite for Kits and Adults

Kites can have a swallow-tail design or, for this particular kite, they are shaped like a swallow! If your kid is a fan of birds or likes birdwatching in their free time, this kite could be a great addition to their toys.

The product is made of weather-resistant fabric and includes a ring handle as well, to increase the durability of the kite. The rods are made of flexible fibreglass. As with any other kite on the market, the entire build is rip-stop!

To help beginners get accustomed to kite flying, the product comes equipped with an 18-inch storage pack and an owner’s manual that makes it very easy to assemble and easy to fly.

  • Beautiful bird/swallow design.
  • Rainbow colour.
  • Weather-resistant, rip-stop build – perfect for beginners
  • Flexible fibreglass rods.
  • 18-inch storage pack included.
  • 62-inch wings (157cm).
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Tail end is open – rods pop out.

8. 2.5m Parafoil Kite Outdoor Sports Dual Line Stunt Parachute Beach Kites

Children often dream, at least once in their lifetime, to paraglide or go parachute jumping. While they might be too young for such things at the moment, they can still enjoy flying a parachute in the sky with the help of this kite.

This particular product is designed just like a parachute and is mostly made for stunts. Great for beginners. Naturally, it comes with a 2.5m wingspan and features no frame – this means no fibreglass rods that could pop out!

Unlike conventional kites, this small parachute has two separate cords, each accompanied by a braided ripstop nylon handle, for better control. As it might be hard to store properly, given its size, the manufacturer included a bag for easy storage as well.

  • 2.5m wings
  • Parachute design.
  • 2 separate cords with strong handles.
  • Storage bag included.
  • Frameless design.
  • Parafoil kite build.
  • String storage handles are very flimsy – can break easily.

9. HQ Kites 1.3m Symphony Beach III Rainbow R2F

Next up, we have a rainbow kite similar to our previous entry. It is designed like a parachute and comes with two separate handles, for better control. The product is ideal for beginners that want to skip framed models or want a kite that can resist more powerful winds.

The kite doesn’t have any rods or poles. It is a parafoil, paired with 2 strong lines, a line storage handle, and 2 additional nylon handles. Moreover, it comes with a fancy bag for easy storage that has plenty of room to fit the kite without causing it to tangle.

Keep in mind it is recommended for beginners who are kids aged 8 and above, as the kite can be used ideally only in rather strong winds, especially on the beach.

  • Sturdy storage bag.
  • Resilient, frameless build.
  • Parafoil kite.
  • 2 separate cords
  • 1.3m wings
  • 2 nylon handles for better control.
  • Difficult to fly in low wind, which is why it’s one of the best kites for beginners

10. Schildkrot Dual Line Sport Kite

The last kite on our top list is one of the best beach kites, available with a wingspan of either 1.6m or 1.3m, according to preferences. Since it features a parachute design, the kite has no rods or frame, it can resist more powerful winds and has no chances of breaking/tearing apart.

Moreover, the product is made of ripstop polyester, increasing its sturdiness and durability. The two lines of the kite are 25m long and made of strong polyester. This makes it ideal for tricks, stunts and more intensive flying.

Last but not least, this product comes with a storage pack as well so you avoid accidentally tangling or tearing it!

  • 2-liner
  • Rod-free build.
  • Ripstop polyester as material.
  • 25m dual polyester cords
  • Hand straps.
  • 1.3/1.6m wings
  • The 1.3m wings model might need stronger than usual wind conditions

Best Kites – Buying Guide

Nowadays, kites come in a multitude of shapes and builds, as well as with a variety of features that make it ideal either for children or adults. The conventional, diamond-shaped kite with a single line is the bare minimum.

While you will have an easy time buying an entry-level kite, you will certainly need some guidance if you want to buy something a bit more complex. Luckily, we’re here to help you!

The Shape of the Kite

First off, let’s talk about the shape of the kite. Depending on your children’s age, they might not find a diamond-shaped kite very interesting. If that’s the case, then you should know what other options you can explore.


The common kite design, extremely easy to manufacture/make, and also known for the reliability it provides when paired with a good tail length. They are also easy to repair.

Delta Kite

The shape of delta kites has become something of a standard lately. You will know the delta kite design, even if the name sounds unfamiliar because it’s triangular. According to kite enthusiasts, the delta kite shape makes the best trick kites that can also be used by beginner kite flyers to learn how to fly a kite.


This refers to kits with non-traditional shapes, like the swallow-shaped model included on our list. These are known for their extravagant shapes and colours and are often used for display while in the sky, so to say. They are also not friendly to beginners.


This shape is usually seen on beaches as the wind conditions there are ideal for such kites. Parafoils are kites that have their wingspan divided by cells and vertical ribs and lack a frame or rods. They are commonly used for tricks and stunts.

Depending on your or your children’s experience with flying kites, you’ll choose between the four kite shapes mentioned above.

Recommended Age

Even though you might want to buy a fancier or more comprehensive kite for your child, don’t do so before taking a look at the recommended age. Kites are made to use the power of the wind to fly high in the sky.

Therefore, you don’t want a kite that’s too aerodynamic and that may be difficult to control by an 8-year-old, for example. Check the age rating to make sure that, when flying the kite, you and your child will meet minimum, comfortable resistance.

The last thing you want happening is to drop the kite because the wind made it too hard to control.

The Number of Lines

When it comes to kites, the number of lines determines how easy it is to control the kite. However, the kite size has to be taken into account as well.

For example, a kite with a large wingspan might need more than just one line for proper control. Beginner and child-friendly models don’t need more than a single line.

Naturally, when it comes to novelty and parafoil glides, which are usually much more intricate, two separate cords are often needed, as well as additional handles to keep the kite under control.

The Kite Spool

All of the kites on our list come with a spool included. The spool is that element of the kite that you wrap the line around to prevent tangling. If the kite you plan to buy doesn’t come equipped with such a thing, then that’s not the kite for you.

When you don’t have a spool, you will most likely waste your time untangling the string every single time before flying the kite. A tangled string can break much easier as well.

Uses – Kite Types

Kites can be used for recreation, as well as for stunts. Naturally, those for recreation are often recommended for kids, while stunt models are usually used by adults, but kids can learn how to control them as well.  

However, some kites can be used by kids that want to try water gliding in the future – without the risk of falling in the water of course. Therefore, a simple kite can have plenty of uses and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

Single Line Kites

these are often recreational and not that complex. They are usually framed, have a moderate wings, and can be easily controlled by kids.

Stunt Kites

Stunt kites, on the other hand, are more complex, as well as more difficult to master. They come with two separate cords that allow you to move the kite left and right, to prepare your stunt. Thanks to their large wings, they are the best for high winds – they require more strength to control as well.

Power Kites

Power kites often referred to as parafoils, are an entirely different category. They can be miniature parachutes, to say the least, that you can have fun with on the beach and such. However, larger power kite models exist and, with their help, can even engage in power kite flying. But, the simple model of power kite is a parafoil with no frame that can stand stronger winds.

Single line and stunt kites can be used by kids while power models and/or parafoils are usually recommended for adults.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I teach my kids how to use a kite?

Flying a kite is very intuitive. Many first-time users just need to let the kite in the air for a couple of seconds and that’s it!

For beginners, you can tell them to hold the handle in their hands, while you deal with the spool and the kite. Getting a kite in the air is harder than controlling it. After it’s in the air, your child will have no issue controlling it, depending on size and model.

Q: How can I stop the kite from making me lose my balance?

As mentioned above, larger kites are harder to control. If you lose your balance while flying the kite, then you might have bought the wrong product for your weight/stature.

Overall, kids under 120 pounds shouldn’t buy kites with wingspans bigger than 180-215cm. If, as a kite customer, you are over 200 pounds can easily control kites with wingspans over 400cm and it may also be more interesting to them since a smaller wingspan will require no control over the kite.

Q: Does my kid need strong winds to fly their kite?

Unless it’s a really dry summer day, you don’t need to feel any wind yourself to be able to fly a kite. Depending on the length of the string, the kite can reach wind currents that you can’t feel personally, so to speak.

On the other hand, too strong winds might make it difficult for a kid to control/fly their kite. A cloudy, windy day paired with a kite for kids often ends up with having to climb a tree to untangle a kite or its string.

Final Thoughts

Kites are not as simple as some of us may think. It’s true that, if you wanted, you could buy a kite in less than a minute but, given the multitude of models, shapes, and sizes available today, you’ll probably get something unfit for you or your kids.

This is the main reason we have prepared this buying guide for you, accompanied by the ten best kites currently available on the market. With the help of our list and guide, you’ll most likely learn everything there’s to know about kites and will be able to surprise your kids – for their birthday or such – with a unique present that doesn’t require an Internet connection.

When it comes to spending time in nature with your family, a kite can be the product to get everybody out of the house!

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