Gloss creative: Desert Bloom

 Gloss creative have knocked it out of the ball park again…

I spoke to the lovely team and they explained to me where their inspiration had come from. During winter Gloss Creative found Janine and her mum Yahua Huang at Camberwell Market on a Sunday morning with a trestle table filled with small intriguing hand made 3D origami objects and they purchased a miniature pineapple and cactus. Together with Yahua, the Gloss team made small sample shapes, photographed them and enlarged them as part of this display which blends together real shapes and photography. Amazingly the project used 8,000 digitally printed pieces of paper to construct the cactus’, 15 people (The ‘Origami Army’) over 5 days to construct them all and a whooping 10kg of hot glue to join them all together.

Amanda from Gloss explains ”we wanted to express fashions current optimistic colour palette and love of geometric patterns. Pop coloured desert flowers bloom from spiky green cactus like forms above which floating over scaled scarves form the desert sky. Nestled amongst the desert garden peachy triangular vitrine houses MGPO coolest designer accessories.”


Cos: Palette Cleanser

You know me, I love stores which are a spectacle but sometimes it’s nice to just pay attention to the small, minimal details. Cos does this perfectly. I love the conversational text dotted around store and the sweet pastel shades which are a real palette cleanser for the coming season.