Call for research participants.

I am very passionate about trend forecasting and visual merchandising and I am currently conducting some research into how the two can be combined. If you are a visual merchandiser and can spare meĀ  20 – 30 minutes of your time to answer some questions for my research I would really appreciate it. Feel free to contact me through email I am hoping to be in London on the 13th of January so if anybody is available for a coffee and to answer my questions I would love to hear from you! Or the questions can be completed via email.


Kind regards and a happy New Year to everyone who has followed the Window Shopper this year!




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  1. Hi ,
    I’ve been a visual merchandiser for 25 years I started as an apprentice at the tender age of 15 with John Lewis and have worked with many high Street Retailers , I currently am VDM for an independent department store and have a number of clients as well . Hope I could be of help
    Regards penny McNeish


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