Armani vs Dior

Okay, so usually I think it’s okay for brands to move ideas on and find inspiration in schemes which they admire. When Storewindows (a must have follow for anyone on twitter) posted a pic of a Dior scheme recently, It really bugged me as I was sure I had seen this scheme before. Unfortunately my harddrive was broken and after numerous attempts to try and find it online I gave up. (maybe I was just dreaming?) But I have just managed to fix my harddrive and looking through my pictures from LA I discovered that infact I wasn’t dreaming, I had seen this identical scheme at Armani last sept 2010. So what do you guys think? Is it okay that Dior have taken inspiration from the scheme? I even wondered if they might be the same exact props? Maybe brands are now trying to cut down on expenses and borrowing from each other?

I leave you with Exhibit A. Armani shot in LA 2010 (don’t laugh at my legs in the reflection haha) and Exhibit B. Shot by Julia of Modelizing in New York 2011.


The May Fair Hotel goes to the movies

I absolutely loved what the May Hair Hotel did for LFW and the windows they created with Spiros Halaris. It seems they really see the value of promoting events through their windows and so to celebrate the the 55th BFI London Film Festival the May Fair Hotel has been transformed into a giant movie theatre with screens in its famous facade, midnight shows, silver screen inspired cocktails and complimentary gourmet popcorn for guests. And as an extra treat Spriros’ beautiful illustrations have made another comeback. Make sure you go and check them out if you are in London for the next two weeks!




Browns window display: Featuring Laura Quick illustration

The windows at Browns were designed by the fantastic visual merchandising team along with illustrator Laura Quick. Laura has woven a fantastical story around the history of silk and her illustrations tell the story of a princess who takes the secret of the silk worm on a journey  through the Gobi dessert, past the Himalayas, and crossing the river Ganges to marry an Indian Prince. Quite romantic I think!



Press: FE magazine

I was featured by the lovely guys over at FE magazine on a piece they ran in there current issue called Top of the Blogs. This trade magazine is a great read if you work in the accessories industry. If you click on the pice below you can read all about it  and also check out some other blogs covering the retail industry :) You can also see a very funny picture of me, I usually like to stay at the other side of the camera!

Handpicked Media – Get blogging winner!

I have been following the website Handpicked Media for quite some time now. They are a social media agency and also represent a collective of independent website and blogs. They represent some of my favourite blogs including Fashion Foie Gras and Disney Roller Girl.

I  entered the September Get Blogging competition on Handpicked Style a few weeks ago, thinking nothing would come of it. I know I have lots of lovely readers but I guess I assumed window displays were quite a niche market. Seems Im not the only one who loves a good display though because I won the get blogging comp for September. I am so flattered that they have taken the time to read through every entry and that my blog is one of there favourites! So this is really just a big thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and reading my blog, thats what gives me the drive to get out there and spend my time taking photographs!