Link love: Monthly roundup

I’ve been using twitter a lot lately and its amazing how much great content I have stumbled upon since using it. I decided to create a new section to round up some of my favourite articles and blog posts which as always relate to my love of Visual Merchandising! I love blogging and taking my own original pictures but sometimes I find things online which I really want to share with you all! Rather than re-blog (isn’t that just so boring?) Im going to share the links to the pages I have found so that you can go and explore and discover too! Here is my first post below and I am hoping to do this every couple of weeks so…. watch this space…!

Alice Mary Barnes: A look at the British Designers’ collective pop up shop at Bicester Village (why we like it? They’ve got the neon trend covered with an illuminous phone box and colour popping jelly beans, YUM!)

Retail traffic: An interesting article looking at the effects of the recession on store design. Some great insights into the evolving world of retail and the future of design

I spy style: Whats typography got to do with Visual Merchandising? Here is the answer!

Coolhunter: Proof that an opticians doesn’t need to be dull and boring with Kirk originals.

Luxury society: Some say 13 is unlucky, but not in this case. Take a look at some of the worlds best luxury boutique designers responsible for some of the most iconic fashion houses including Prada, Pierre Hermé, Dior, Chanel and Diptyque.

Sandro: Parisian chic

Net a Porter describe Sandro  as ”the fashionista’s go-to for feminine Parisian chic. Infused with inimitable Gallic cool, their Left Bank-inspired designs have gained a loyal following across the globe, with Brit-girl Alexa Chung dj-ing at their London opening in 2010.”

For retailers without a big budget this is the perfect example of how you still put together a beautiful window. Kick ass mannequin + gorgeously styled product is the key and costs far less than an elaborate scheme!

The inspiration: Clothes rail

If you have ever worked backstage at a fashion show you will appreciate the beauty of the clothes rail, with the edited collection shown all together its great to be able to see how the pieces work together as a whole collection, showing off colours and textures. The clothes rail also works well in store windows, in some case on their own, in others with mannequins to add in a dressing up element. Brands which have allready tapped into this trend include Chloe, D&G, H&M and Miss Selfridges.

Credits 1. 2 +3 4. 5. unknown.

Stella McCartney: Heads up

Oh the things I would do to get my hands on a piece of Stella Mccartney….. A girl can dream right? For all things Stella Mccartney I would definitly recomend that you pop over to her website, there is a section which is related to her stores and their are some great shots of the displays and interiors of some of them from around the globe… you can check it out here… You can also look through the pictures of her fashion week presentations which also show off some great visual merchandising. Happy reading!!!